Vantiv Customer Call Script

1. Ask to speak with listed cardholders ONLY.

a. "May I speak with John Doe, please." b. If primary cardholder is not available, ask to speak with secondary cardholder.

2. Identify yourself so Customer is immediately aware of the seriousness of the situation.

a. "Hello, this is Card Fraud Detection calling to verify some activity that has alerted to us on (customer's) Credit/Debit card. " If the customer asks who we are you say "Vantiv we are contracted by your institution to monitor debit/credit card transactions."

3. Ask customer to verify personal information: SS #(last four digits), address, and/or any passwords found in Mainframe.

4. Verify charges that have alerted (dates, times, merchants, amounts, etc.) as well as any activity immediately prior to or after the suspicious activity.

5. If the charges in question, were authorized by the Cardholder. Thank the customer for their time and explain that we are looking out for their best interest. Assure the customer that we are dedicated to the best service we can provide by preventing and minimizing the loss of their money.

a. "Thank you Mr. Doe for your time, we apologize for any inconvenience. We just wanted to be sure it was you using the card or at least aware of the activity. With the technology that is available to criminals, nowadays, you can be sure we are working diligently to protect your money and your interests."

6. If the charges are not the Cardholder's, explain to the customer their possible liability, if any (put the customer at ease, if possible). Ask if the customer still has possession of the card, where they remember using or having it last. Explain to the customer how a counterfeit or skimmed card works, if applicable. Make the customer aware of the amount of the fraudulent activity and how they can dispute the charges. Refer the customer to their financial institution, instructing the customer that they will need to inform the institution of the fraudulent purchases as well as request a new card. Inform the customer the financial institution will help them dispute any unauthorized charges that appear on their account, as well as assist in ordering a new card.

a. "Those charges are not yours? Do you still have the card that ends in 0000 in your possession? With this type of activity Federal Regulations state you can only be held accountable up to fifty dollars, pending any investigation that will be pursued. You will need to contact your financial institution ASAP to dispute any unauthorized purchases. Your institution will explain to you the dispute process and will also assist you in ordering a new card for your account."

7. Again, Thank the customer for their time. Assure the customer there will be someone to provide assistance and guide them through the process and procedures.

8. If customer is not available, leave a clear and concise message with someone or on a machine that allows the customer to know who they will be calling, why, and where they can reach someone in-person.

a. "Hello, this message is for John Doe. This is Card Fraud Detection calling to verify some activity that has alerted to us on your Credit/Debit card today, mm/dd/yyyy. Please return our call as soon as possible. You can reach us at 0-889-5280, option one, and your reference number is 0000. Thank you."