Online Banking Information

Overview of Security

The Internet Banking login process includes several layers of security. This security is intended to prevent unauthorized access to your account, validate your identity, protect your account information from fraudulent use, and prevent the theft of your identity.

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Security Data

The following security information, which you set up during an initial login session, is used to protect your Internet Banking sessions:

  • New registration
  • Accept disclosures
  • Registration requires
  • SocSec#, first and last name, DOB, mother’s maiden name
  • City state, zip
  • Account #
  • Does require email
  • If all the info is correct according to your account, you will automatically have online banking access.
  • To log in, you will then use
  • Username, password, or fingerprint on your mobile phone
  • On new devices or if you do not select remember my device you will have further authentication to perform
  • Three security questions with answers you chose

Security Challenge

A security challenge occurs when your financial institution's online banking software randomly selects that login attempts will require you to answer a challenge question. The purpose of the security challenge is to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your account information. The challenge requires you to prove your identity either by correctly answering one or more of the challenge questions you selected when you set up the authentication security data.