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Security Guidance

Business Online has enhanced electronic transaction capabilities. It is extremely important that you heed all the guidance in this document. Businesses should also consider additional security measures.

Business Security Measures

  • Use a hardware firewall to protect your business network
  • Block unnecessary traffic, services, and websites
  • Use Windows domain security features
  • User accounts
  • Passwords with complexity requirements, expiration, attempt limits
  • Limit employee access to only what is necessary
  • Patch, Patch, Patch all devices
  • Consider purchasing commercial grade antivirus and keep it updated
  • Scan your network internally and externally for vulnerabilities regularly and remediate the vulnerabilities
  • Back up and encrypt your important data regularly
  • Use encryption when transmitting data
  • Limit the use of removable storage
  • Train and educate yourself and your staff
  • Phishing
  • Smishing
  • Securing Devices

What is Dual Authorization?

Dual Authorization is an important control in which a business can require two authorized employees to complete separate actions in order for an electronic transaction to be completed. This provides protection against insider malicious activity or from one compromised machine or user account. If your business can support this control, we recommend using it.

What else can you do?

  • Keep your transaction limits as low as possible
  • Monitor accounts and transactions regularly and carefully
  • Use complex passwords, protect passwords for Business Online, and change them frequently